Monday, December 10, 2007

birthday party

My birthday and my elder grandaughter's are a day apart but since my son and his first wife are divorced he didn't have his kids for the weekend of our birthdays so we celebrated a week late, yesterday; we all went to a local carvery, 3 sons and their wives, me and Clive and 4 grandchildren. I had bought anew camcorder and was trying it out so only took one still photo of Hayley my younger grand daughter enjoying her icecream


Last year I ordered an advent calendar kit to make one for Hayley; I didn't manage to finish it in time and as she was only a few months old didn't stress about it but a month ago I dug it out and finished it.......oh, finished is such a lovely word!

tea cups

The Market square Quilters in Newbury correspond with a group of quilters in Texas. 8 of us got together to make te cup wall hangings for them.