Monday, November 27, 2006

malta holiday

We have just come back from a wonderful 7 day break in Malta. We stayed at a hotel with spa facilities and as we had already been to Malta for 2 weeks earlier in the year, we spent a lot of time in the hotel taking advantage of the spa facilities; so I am sea salt scrubbed, mud bathed, tuttifruitti massaged, soap scrubbed, moisturised and french manicured to within an inch of my life, LOL. We did take time out from all this pampering to go on a boat trip around the harbour, which was lovely but whilst all the other passengers were crowded on the top deck Clive and I sat on the lower deck where the view was just as good but we were out of the direct sun. We also went to the Ta Qali crafts village where we bought several Christmas presents and Clive bought me a silver and amethyst heart pendant for my birthday next week.
As it is my birthday next weekend and also my older grand daughter's the day before we went to Bristol yesterday and all 14 of us went to a carvery for Sunday lunch. It was lovely to have all mysons and hteir wives and all four of my granchildren all under one roof, for the first time, grand daughter Hayley was only born at the end of April and whereas I have seen each son individually several times since then it was the first time we were all together.

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