Thursday, January 24, 2008

helen's quilt

Christmas Eve my daughter in law Helen said she would like me to make her a quilt; Christmas day i asked her what colours although I thought i already knew, i was right, shades of purple! luckily because these are also my favourites i had enough to take part in the quilttalk new years Eve mystery designed by Ann Smith of salamanca New York. I put the final stitches to the quilt on Tuesday and delivered it to my DIL yesterday in time for her birthday on the 29th; she was amazed that i had completed it so quickly and is pictured here with it; the handsome young man also in the picture is my youngest son Jay, her husband


Gerry said...

The quilt is just beautiful. What a wonder present for your daughter.

Lissa Jane said...

what a great gift Sue..

thanks for visiting my blog too.. and yes, I am going with the NO blue in the civil war quilt.. have audtioned a few new fabs for the mystery!

take care and quilty huggers to you


Helen in the UK said...

No wonder your DIL was impressed - great quilt in such a short time :)